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Clients and Projects
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Monterey County – Information Technology Department (ISD)
Directed Monterey County’s Infrastructure Division. Departments included Network Services, Telecommunications, Radio Communications, and Data Center Operations in the Information Technology Department (ITD). In this capacity, I manage and supervise four department managers and more than 50 technical individuals. These departments are responsible for the installation, upgrade, and maintenance of all phone systems, networks, radio communication systems, and data operations. In addition, I served as ITD's liaison, providing technical support for the County-wide VHF Analog and 700/VHF Digital trunked Public Safety radio communication project (NGEN).
Public Safety Radio System Implementations
  • Clark County, NV (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police)
    Program Manager directing engineers, technicians, and technical support staff in delivering a 32-site, OpenSky, 700 MHz, Narrow-band Public Safety system covering all of Clark County. Developed and managed the project schedule and $80 million budget. The project included the implementation of mission critical voice and data systems including CAD, AVL, and 911 dispatch center upgrades. Our group provided site acquisition services including contract development and negotiations, engineering, planning, and building services. Additionally we managed all installations, configurations, testing, and certification of the systems and sites. Located, acquired, funded, and managed all subcontractors and vendors.

  • Oklahoma City, OK
    Successfully managed the implementation of the City of Oklahoma’s Harris P25 Police and Fire communication system. Coordinated frequency assignments and interfaced P25 switch to existing 16-site analog communication system.

  • Lakewood, CO
    Managed the design, development, and implementation of a seven site 4.9 Broadband IP transport environment. We provided engineering, design analysis, testing, and certification.

  • State of Nevada
    Directed the implementation of Nevada’s state-wide Public Safety radio communication system upgrade and expansion. Our teams successfully upgraded existing sites and migrated users to the interoperable environment. The State’s system includes over 60 sites covering the entire State of Nevada. Designed and implemented a new state-of-the-art dispatch center for NHP and Traffic Control.

  • Washoe County Voice and Data Communication System
    Completing the implementation of Washoe County’s voice and data wireless communication system. Successfully managed the development of three communication and dispatch centers, 12 microwave backbone sites, and the implementation of more than 4000 end users.

West Contra Costa County Emergency Communication System Consortium
Managed the implementation of West Contra Costa County's new 800 Trunking communication system. Successfully managed the construction of a new Emergency Operation Center, 911 communication system, a five site microwave backbone, and a nine-site simulcast police, fire, and public works communications system. Coordinated all FCC and APCO frequency licensing. Acquired additional frequencies and licenses for system expansions.

University of California, Infrastructure Upgrade Projects
  • CSU San Marcus, San Marcus CA
    Provided complete project and operations management for the campus’ Technology Enhancement Project on behalf of Verizon’s Infrastructure Division. My teams oversaw the installation of new electrical, fiber, copper, and coax media throughout the campus and developed and coordinated all project activates, schedules, vendors, and change orders.

  • CSU East Bay, Hayward CA
    Managed CSU East Bay’s Technology Enhancement project teams on behalf of Verizon’s Infrastructure Division. This project installed new electrical, fiber and copper infrastructure between and within all campus facilities. Developed and managed the project schedules, $10.8 Million budget, as-built documentation, and all change order activities. This project is considered to be one of the Chancellors’ office most successful infrastructure upgrade projects.

Contra Costa County Building Inspection
Designed and implemented a thin client, NT based server farm, including the implementation of both proprietary and off-the-shelf applications, and the integration of an automated voice response system. Provided implementation management and technology support for Contra Costa County's new inspection and permitting system.

Contra Costa and Alameda County Welfare to Work Partnership (East Bay Works)
Designed, engineered, and implemented a cross-county T-1 network tying together sixteen Contra Costa and Alameda County job centers. Managed all of the facility interior designs, construction, and technology implementation services.

City of Richmond – Technology Projects
  • Enterprise Network
    Assisted the City's Information Technology Department in designing and implementing a city-wide enterprise network environment. Successfully managed the Request for Proposals, contracts, equipment purchase, and implementation.

  • PBX Upgrade
    Managed the implementation of the City's PBX switch and upgrade of the City's overall telecommunications environment. Created and published the City’s infrastructure standards for voice, data, networking, video teleconferencing, and disaster recovery.

  • Fiber Optic Network
    Designed, engineered, and managed the construction of the City's first fiber optic network infrastructure. The fiber network is a 24 strand, multi-mode, eight-node environment supporting voice, data, video, Internet access, and Public Safety Data Systems.

  • City Library Technology Upgrades
    Designed the electrical, data, and facility upgrades for the City of Richmond's main and branch libraries. Successfully upgraded the facilities electrical, voice, data, and networking environments. Implemented a new UNIX cataloging and researching network system.

County of San Mateo
Directed San Mateo’s Countywide UHF, trunked, Public Safety voice and data communication upgrade project. Developed the RFP, facilitated the selection process, negotiated vendor contracts, and assisted with the systems implementation.

Bank of America
  • Financial Data Center Construction and Implementation
    Managed the construction of a new data center, facility infrastructures, and applications relating to the move of 100 users from New York to San Francisco. Developed an integrated voice, data, and video environment based upon an IBM RS/6000 AIX system. Tied the new environments to the Banks nation-wide network.

  • Infrastructure Upgrades for Security Pacific Merger
    Designed and managed the infrastructure upgrades (Fiber and Copper) for all of the Security Pacific facilities after Security Pacific merged with Bank of America.

Developed and implemented tools for the analysis and review of Oracle’s network infrastructure. Improved the performance of the overall network and infrastructure, developed service level agreements for Oracle’s Network Services division, created Quality-of-Service standards, and assisted with the development of Oracle’s future global view of customer support.

City of San Jose
Developed technology assessments and recommendations on major City projects including the new Civic Center, Joint Library, and Airport Expansion. Provided voice and data technology designs, engineering, new technology assessment, and RFP development and review.

Marmot Mountain Ltd.
Managed the assessment, design, selection, and implementation of Marmot's information management system. Successfully constructed a new data center, installed a state-of-the-art UNIX client/server environment, and new financial, marketing, sales, order entry, and customer support system applications.

Arco Transportation
Directed the design, engineering, installation, configuration, and testing of a state-of-the-art ship to shore communication system after the Exxon Valdez wreck and spill. Prior to our system implementation, Arco’s fleet of ships only had a two-hour window of Telex service time to communicate ship’s status, problems, or emergencies. Designed and installed dual auto-tracking satellite on the eleven Arco ships to provide 24/7 communication capability. Designed and constructed a land-based server farm providing WAN, LAN, Email, networking, and faxing services between Arco’s Long Beach headquarters and the ships at sea.

Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC)
Director of Information Technology
Consolidated 24 FSLIC regional offices into one centralized office. Successfully designed, engineered, and constructed a centralized data center, migrated users and their data from 28 regional offices, installed a state-of-the-art PBX telecommunication system, DEC VAX, HP 9000, and IBM 3090 host.

Transamerica Life Companies, Los Angeles, CA
Manager, Microcomputer Systems & Support
Managed Transamerica's home and field microcomputer support services. Serviced 3000 local and 7000 remote users in the U.S., Canada, and the Far East. Implemented Transamerica's first single-source computer maintenance program saving over $200,000 per year. Developed Transamerica's first optical database document retrieval system. Managed budget of

NATO Relational Database Conference Assistant Director
Developed and implemented a hands-on lab, and lectured on relational database theories for the 1984 NATO relational database conference held in Germany.

On-Line Computer Center, Partner
A Retail Computer Store
Successfully opened the first computer store in Turlock, California. One year later opened a second store in Modesto, California. Our success in retail sales, custom programming, and user training were due to our never-ending concentration and focus on customer service.